Proper Feeding

This chapter as well I would like to share to my personal experiences. As I was not born as a Natural Health Professional for animals and because the subject B. A. R. F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) had not been established and popular yet, as I had got my first crossbreeds, I had to go my own way and had to gain my personal experience, too.

Certainly the dog owners are overwhelmed (sometimes severely) by the enormous supply in the numerous pet stores. All the dog food manufacturers offer only “the best for your pet“, be it dry or canned food. Meanwhile, the range of dog food does not only begin with puppy food, goes on with junior to adult food and ends with senior food. No, in between there are hundreds of varieties: food for active dogs, food for lazy dogs, food for “slipper” dogs, food for small dogs, food for medium-sized dogs, food for large dogs and it continues with food for sensitive dogs, diet food for dogs, food for especially energetic dogs etc. – just to mention a few.

I still remember very well the bloated stomachs my first puppies had after a meal and how they suffered from hiccups. Fiona was my first dog who was switched to B. A. R. F. at the age of 8 weeks. She was the first who did not have these symptoms. This way her muscles built up very strongly and steadily without being tubby. She was very well-built and for her whole life did not require frequent vet visits.

Due to my qualifications as a Natural Health Professional for animals I have come to know B. A. R. F., and I will stick to this method for as long as I have dogs. Although you have to watch out here, too! Too many of so-called “experts“ think they have found a market here and make this feeding method unnecessarily complicated.

When releasing my puppies away to their new homes, I particularly wish that the new owners will adopt and carry on B. A. R. F. in order to have strong and healthy dogs. I would be delighted to advise and inform you what needs to be done. It is for sure that you will receive “B. A. R. F.-puppies” on my part!